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Splat UMC is the universal mobile controller gamers everywhere have been waiting for. Mobile gaming has breathed new life into our favorite first person shooters, RPGs, and fighting games, but you haven’t really played them until you’ve experienced Splat’s low-profile, D-pad styled controllers. Just stick Splat on and you’ll never miss another control due to wandering fingertips or bulky obstructions.

The engineers behind Splat set out to enhance the mobile gaming experience without weighing you or your smartphone down. Splat was designed to match the lifestyle of the mobile gamer, the on-the-go minimalist who levels up in the waiting room, on the subway, in the air, or on the couch. There’s no time for carrying around heavy adapters and clunky console controllers.

Splat is the mobile gamer’s controller of choice because it sticks on any touchscreen device, allows optimal game play without blocking the screen, and peels off without leaving a sticky residue.

Splat’s Features:

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